FINIS Freestyle Paddle

FINIS Freestyle Paddle
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FINIS Freestyle Hand Paddle

The Freestyler Paddle is a patented hand paddle designed to improve technique specifically for the freestyle stroke. Unlike previous generations of hand paddles, the Freestyler is not designed for resistance and strength training, but applies a hydrodynamic shape to decrease resistance through the water, thereby improving reach and distance per stroke.

The Freestyler's unique shape and 'skeg' design forces streamlined hand entry which lengthens each arm stroke. A longer stroke creates a better pull through, a better hip-rotation, and ultimately increases performance.

Features & Benefits

Small, Streamlined Shape:
Decreases resistance through the water in order to improve reach and distance-per-stroke.

Patented 'Skeg' Along Underneath of Paddle:
Creates a gliding effect in the front of each Freestyle pull, which in turn elongates the entire stroke cycle.

Cut out Wrist Shape:
Helps eliminate stress on shoulders and prevent injuries.

Flexible Rubber Tubing:
Straps to fingers to lock paddle in place.


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