Good Things to Know

Caring for Your Suit
When to Replace Your Suit
Caring for Your Goggles
Caring for Your Caps
Laundry and Care for Your Parka


Tips On How To Care For Your Swimsuit

  • Do NOT machine-wash your suit.
  • Remember to rinse your suit thoroughly in clear, cold, fresh water after each wearing in order to remove chlorine and perspiration residue.
  • Hang your suit to dry.

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When to Replace Your Swimsuit

Despite the advances in fiber technology, chlorine will eventually deteriorate swimsuit fabrics. When your suit begins to bag or feel looser than when it was new, it is time to replace your suit. Keep in mind that Polyester suits have longer durability and are advised for practice.

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Goggle Care Tips

To preserve the life of your goggles and keep them in good condition, we recommend you follow these rules:

  • Always rinse your goggles off in cold water to remove any chlorine or salt.
  • Allow to dry in a warm and hygienic environment.
  • Do not store or leave out in direct sunlight as this could cause the silicone to dry.
  • Never rub the inside of the lenses as this could cause scratches.
  • Consider purchasing a goggle case to provide additional protection.

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How To Put On Your NEW Swim Cap!

  • Hold your swim cap with both hands keeping both thumbs on the inside of the cap.
  • Look down at the floor and place the front end of the cap on your forehead. The crease of the cap should start at your forehead and the end at the nape of your neck.
  • Pull the cap back until the back of the cap is down below your hairline.
  • Tuck ears and any loose hair strands into the cap.

Swim Cap Tips

  • Some swimmers find it easier to put on latex or silicone swim caps when the hair is already wet.
  • Properly care for your swim cap will make putting it on much easier. Rinse and dry your cap after each use and sprinkle baby powder inside to keep it from sticking together.
  • Swim caps can easily be punctured or torn, so trim fingernails and remove any barrettes or clips from your hair before putting on your swim cap.

NOTE: Swim Caps torn by fingernails, barrettes, etc., are NON-Refundable / NON-Exchangeable

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Laundry and Care Instructions for Your Parka


  • Parkas should be washed on GENTLE CYCLE.
  • Wash with COLD WATER ONLY. Hot or warm water can and will cause bleeding of the fabrics and inks.
  • USE ONLY mild soaps and detergents without colorsafe bleach.
  • DO NOT use any bleach products, including colorsafe bleaches of any kind, or fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT soak parkas.
  • Wash parkas separately from any other colors.
  • Remove parkas from washer promptly and dry immediately on low setting.


  • To prevent bleeding, parkas should be removed from washer promptly and dry immediately on low setting.
  • Remove parkas from dryer promptly.

Dry Cleaning

DO NOT dry clean any garment.


DO NOT iron parka.


  • Parkas should be completely dry before storing.
  • Store in a cool dry area, protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew and yellowing.

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