About Us


We founded an entire company on that idea.
And we believe in helping SWIMMERS -
Fast swimmers, slow swimmers, sprinters and distance swimmers.
We believe in the magic of the 50 meter pool.
We believe in morning workouts and 5000 yards a day.
We believe in high school swimmers, USS swimmers, Masters swimmers
and summer league swimmers.
We believe in water polo players and synchro swimmers.
We believe in Swim Chicks and Swim Dudes.
We believe in B Meets and the Olympics and everything in between.
We believe that your PERSONAL BEST isn't always a PRT or a NRT or SNRT.
We believe swimming should be fun.
We believe swimming in the dark, in the cold, in the humidity
and in the snow is part of the deal.
We believe there is a correlation between inspiration and perspiration.
We believe in making mistakes and learning from them.
We believe in YOU.